Monday, March 12, 2012

30 Rock Jumped the Shark

There was a period of time when 30 Rock was one of my favorite shows on TV. But no longer. It's gotten to the point that I derive absolutely no pleasure from watching it. The show is boring, nonsensical, and tired. I can't think of any other show that went from so great to so bad.

When Community was temporarily taken off the air, I heard many people say that 30 Rock should have received the ax instead. I wanted to stand up for 30 Rock because, as much as I appreciate the intellectual and post modern acrobatics of Community, I've never really felt like it consistently includes good stories.

Now that 30 Rock is back on the air, I stand corrected. Community is superior to 30 Rock, as are a great many other shows.


  1. Nope. Wrong. Good try though!

    1. Thanks Rick for you're opinion! I wish you had listed some reason for your opinion so we could have a discussion. Or had some contact info, or a last name so you weren't hiding behind a veil of anonymity. Or didn't come off as a condesc—

      nevermind. thanks again.

    2. Nope. Wrong Again! Double nice try though!

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