Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets are like the cul du sac of home architecture: temporarily popular, but ultimately a huge waste of space.

People should probably just stop hoarding so much stuff that they (think they) need a walk-in closet, but even if that doesn't happen there are so many better, more versatile ways to store things. Like an armoire, for example.

I would bet money that in not very long, walk-in closets will be way out of vogue, much as city planners now look down on the surreal tract housing neighborhoods that produced the American cul du sacs. For now at least, walk-in closets seem to be a still-popular vestige of the ignominious McMansion.

If I ever remodel my home, I'm not only going to avoid installing walk-in closets, I'm going to rip out the existing small closets. I will only use armoires, and my house will be all the better for it.


  1. I like walk-in closets because I greatly prefer to hang up my clothing. But if necessary, I'll just get a bunch of clothing racks or something. I don't need the actual closet.

  2. Indeed, walk-in closets are a waste of space. Some of them have the size of a bedroom (!). As you said, armoires are a nice, classic solution.

    What do you think about built-in closets (closets built in walls, where you can only see the closet doors)? I'm not sure what to choose between armoires or built-in closets. (Anyway, walk-in closets are too much.)